5 Signs You're Dealing With a Sociopath

Hi everyone and welcome today we're going to learn about 5 signs you're dealing with a Sociopath.

Number 1 Polarizing Language:

The language of a sociopath can be a giveaway sociopath talk a little differently than most people they flip-flop between polarizing extremes one moment they're positive and supportive they complement you to the ends of the earth they boost your confidence, and they ask for your trust, but the tables may quickly turn before you know it the same sociopath is tearing you apart they're insulting your character they're capitalizing on your vulnerabilities, they're blaming you for everything, they can this extreme language is a huge red flag most people can be positive and negative but no one flip-flops as often or as intensely as a sociopath why is that well because sociopaths don't mean the things they say their compliments are shallow and their insults are calculated. They say the things that they say to control you to manipulate you so if you're easily charmed a sociopath will be a close and charismatic friend if you're easily intimidated there'll be a monster that never leaves you alone whether your friendship is a dream or a nightmare just pay attention to any polarizing language because you might be dealing with a sociopath.

Number 2 Forced Gratitude:

Gratitude is a dangerous weapon in the hands of a sociopath they use gratitude to trap their friends in bad relationships they use it to push uncomfortable favors and unnecessary risks well just take this situation your friend wants a ride to the airport this weekend, but you have plans, so you turn them down instead of respecting your space your friend says this you should be grateful I'm friends with you at all think about everything I've done for you. You owe me wow they use gratitude to threaten and manipulate you they act like they are the best things in your life they treat you as a powerless individual inferior and desperate but that's not true the truth is they're trying to take advantage of you they're leveraging your friendship against you. Normal people don't manipulate their friends if you know someone who do they may be a sociopath.

Number 3 Proximal Fear:

Does your friend make you feel happy or do you feel worse about yourself when spending time with friends you should feel happy safe and comfortable your stress should melt away your mood should brighten and your self-esteem should climb higher, yet some friends create tension and negativity in your life on rare occasions.

You may even feel scared of them if you feel fear around your friend they could be a sociopath.

You may not be able to pinpoint a specific sign you can't remember any language or behaviors, but your instincts tell you that something isn't right those instincts may be all the evidence you need chances are your brain has picked up tiny threatening signs from this person.

They're too small to remember on their own but together they project an aura of fear and intimidation don't pretend this tension is all in your head if this person wasn't scary they wouldn't scare you it's as simple as that while fear doesn't prove that someone is a sociopath it proves that something isn't quite right and that's a good reason to be skeptical.

Number 4 Unorthodox Behavior:

Does your friend do strange things how often do you think I would never do anything like that most of the time sociopaths blend seamlessly into the world around them, they keep a firm grasp on their social circle but every once in a while they make mistakes and those mistakes can leave you wondering to identify these mistakes use the ninety percent rule the ninety percent rule is simple when you notice something strange just ask yourself would ninety percent of the people do something similar alright, let's try an example one day you ask your friend for a small favor you expect a simple yes or no answer but instead they erupt like a volcano they scream in your face they attack your character they may even get physical in the aftermath you think to yourself was that an appropriate reaction would I ever react that way this behavior fails the 90 rule a sociopath will try to excuse their extreme behavior they'll say things like I was just tired or work has been stressful lately, but those excuses only work so many times if they continue acting strangely then your friend could be a sociopath.

Number 5 Targets of Blame:

Sociopaths are pretty selective they don't manipulate everyone they meet instead they carefully select one or two victims who they manipulate over and over again these people are called targets of blame a target isn't chosen at random a sociopath picks a target who they feel superior to they may be wealthier than their target stronger than them better looking than them for some reason the sociopath feels powerful around this person that power in their eyes justifies their cruelty, they think they have a right to bully this person in any way they please but why do sociopaths enjoy hurting others that suffering gives them a sense of satisfaction sociopaths feel the most confident in themselves when other people are suffering.

If you're dealing with a sociopath don't give up you can handle a sociopath without making the problem worse most people do one of two things they either surrender or they fight back both of these solutions can worsen the issue sociopaths want to get an emotional reaction out of you that's how they know they have power over you whether that reaction is sadness or anger.

A sociopath feels like they're winning so don't react to tune out their comments and focus on yourself if you stay calm a sociopath will feel powerless and give up.

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