8 The idea to open a small business with little capital

1, Crafts Store - The idea of opening a small business store is the current trend in Vietnam.

Before we want to do something big, namely big business, big capital... then it is necessary to know how to do the smallest business, open a shop selling crafts that seem small, but if we put the shop in the right place, this is not a small idea, we are only small when the market has too many business people, and the buyer they do not care about you then we are small in the market. , but if a store like this is booked in front of a university or high school, there is no reason not to sell, one day sometimes you earn 500,000 VND -1 million is understandable if each item sells 15,000 VND, but each student also has to buy 2. Some of those items can be mentioned as flipped over, fabric dolls, woolen bracelets, fans, cups, miniature models, ... a lot to sell.

After a certain business period and have a certain position, you can think of the directions: open 2-3 more stores at the locations where you think it will best sell, another orientation is us Towards large business products on ceramic, porcelain, feng shui ... or switch to a completely different product.

Because you know what to do to do to successfully do business then, whether falling into any circumstances, what items will you do. Adult, successful people in the world are also from the most basic small steps like that, but they do their best, they only focus on doing well.

2, open psychological advice

In modern society there are many people who have trouble in life, rather, then it is tragedy going to them, these patients feel unable to overcome to live, but if they stand at the angle In other words, the story is bad again very simple in life. Your job is to help them walk through such a life challenge.

No need for any qualifications, simply you have the ability to make other people happy, making people realize the value of life, doing some legal procedure licenses to be traded .

Capital spent to start: 5-10 million cost of renting shops, some other small amounts spent on marketing to PR as well as more customers, but in the long run, you should not apply ads, Which needs to show their true ability is the quality of service provided to customers.

If you do well this business idea, you may not only receive public consultancy but also aftercare patients after crossing the crisis, which is the value that is completely received when dealing in service business Such spirits.

3, open small business shop printing services for children

Previously, printing only for adults is primarily (high school students, college students and officials and employees of companies). However we will not do that service, which you will do is reprint all of the small parents.

Imagine that the baby's parents will want to save memories, images, names, hairstyles, colors, funny movements of children ... they will have to find a restaurant that meets its needs. And of course a professional store, only printed for young children will be chosen by them instead of amateur shops.

4, business shop career-way business with little capital

Our Eastern people have a very strange characteristic of superstition and believe in supernatural forces, for that reason that co-grandfather grows like strawberry, many rich people, but also some people Thien Ha contempt for taking advantage to make money.

It can be said that 2 or 3 centuries, spiritual culture in our country will still be able to preserve whether society has developed, called culture will be very difficult to change. So it opened to us a child to do business as a business with a career test. It sounds strange, nothing is good, but you can imagine that each person entering the shop and using our service they will lose 15,000 VND-20,000 VND or higher can be 70,000 VND depending on Go to the price you intend to fit in that income level.

The property we need to prepare is a career quizzing software, it must be scientifically programmed, so that the information provided to customers is a real basis, not opening the lake.

Estimated investment capital: Buying software: 10 million-50 million, with exclusive software that can be 100 million, 500 million, but that we don't need so expensive software. Need to pay attention to before we do business need to report to the management agency.

5, talk to the elderly

Leasing 5-10 Psychologists, opening a representative store in a certain position in the inner city, and developing media marketing to people who need to know our services. When there are customers calling to use the service, append a staff to the guest chat.

If 1 day all 10 employees go to customer care, you can earn 2 million, 3 million is so late. Try calculating if every guest receives at least 200,000 VND-500,000 VND, how much income number?

6, repair bedrooms, tables and chairs at home

Just like repairing air conditioners, repairing refrigerators and civil electrical appliances. But we will use wooden furniture, everyone's items of guests want to fix, we don't go to the door or come to repair and collect money on the spot. This profession in the last few years has the number of customers increasing steadily, the reason is that the income of people has improved and even more they don't know or do not have time to engrave the trial for their items . When you want to follow this business, you must also hire a store as a representative office for customers to visit when needed.

7, open toy repair business

The remote control aircraft is broken, the phone is broken, automotive toy, broken toy bike ... will be our subjects. Because everyone doesn't want to throw away a long-term toy, while saving finance, for that reason, everyone chooses to fix it, not to buy new.

8, open small business books for children

You know, there are millions of bookstares for sale and lease of entertainment stories, objects only have children. It is clear that only one contents are the story they eat so it is like that. So why do we deal in many types of books, many areas of books that cannot make a profit? Of course, it can be done, because when we sell many genres, not only children buy but also their adults will buy their children.

Above are 8 appropriate ideas to open small business shops, profits efficiently, sustainably. Detailed questions sent in the FAQ of Business.

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