A childhood love story

saw Sana interestingly, really saw her first time. She was wearing a concealed green top and dull green pants (damn she was so wonderful). 


Well,guys I'm Daniyal Javeed Baloch (DJB) an easygoing essayist and this is the main scene of A Childhood Love Story, this is a genuine romance story of my beloved companion, presently don't move your eyes and appreciate perusing. 


From the day he saw her, I'm interested to converse with her yet he don't have that quite a bit of guts around then. He'll sort out to compose a letter for her where he portray his affections for her and afterward I rapidly snatch a duplicate and some brilliant markers and recorded silly sentences for her and offered it to her hand on the following evening at the steps of her structure. Presently he was sitting tight for her answer, and days are passing similar to weeks and when the principal week passes it seems like a month.he is feeling day off by day and losing the expectation of her answer however at that point on the second week on the evening she came towards him and curiosly he asked her for what valid reason didn't you offered an explanation to my letter, she featured him several a seconds and afterward she bring down her eyes cheerfully and said Yes. He is presently in his own EDEN which he has made in recent weeks. 


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