Art Of Mindset

Art of Mindset


I was wondering one day what kind of degrees, courses or short course makes Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Elon Musk and Mark Zeckurberg Billionaires and guess what, they all were not highly educated, even Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg are college drop out.

Then I realized what I’ve learned from early age to my university level in classrooms.

In school, every single person I met will encourage me to study good otherwise I won’t get an admission in a known college, same thing but with addition of one more sentence which is you won’t get good marks you can’t apply for university exams and won’t get a good job. So ask yourself what we are preparing SLAVES?

Keep that thing in your mind; develop your kids Mindset by allowing them to learn new things, new languages and visiting new places. These kind of activities will allow your kid to think out of the box. Let them do mistakes, that's the only way to learn how to succeed.

If a Genius spends 20 years of his life with fools, he is no more Genius then.

The conclusion is, stop being yourself or forcing your kids to win this Rat Race. ‘’A  Lion  never  runs  to  win  a  race,  He  runs for  the  Hunt. –DJB’’ Learn yourself and teach your kids too how to hustle with proper ethics and mindset. Stop running in 9-5 race learn how to hunt 24/7 which is beneficial for you and for others.

‘’Once   your   Mindset   Changes,   Everything   on   the   Outside   will   Change   along   with   it.’’

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