Norwegian research worker Dan Oloyus says that bullying happens once an individual is repeatedly exposed to negative actions on the part of one or additional others. Negative actions occur once somebody causes injury or discomfort from another person through physical contact or Words or in different ways that. Justifications for supply this behavior (bullying) embody variations in class, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, appearance, behavior, visual communication, temperament, reputation, parentage, strength, size, or ability. Where and once will bullying happens bullyinghappenBullying happens in any context within which folks act with one another, and it should embody family, workplace, home, and neighborhoods, however, it primarily happens on social media. Bullying will occur throughout or when college hours, whereas most rumored cases of bullying occur within the college building, and an oversized share conjointly happens in places like the playground or the bus, and it may also occur whereas progressing to or from college, in Al Shabab, or on the web. Types of bullying individuals bullying are often classified into four sorts, cluster bullying is also referred to as bullying, and it will embody any of the individual styles of bullying. Physical, verbal, and psychological bullying is most prevalent in elementary faculties and may conjointly begin early and continue in later stages in individuals' lives. Cyberbullying is additional common in secondary faculties than in elementary faculties. Physical-physical bullying: Bullying that harms someone's body or destroys their property. Theft, payment, hitting, fighting, and destruction of property area unit all sorts of physical bullying. Verbal bullying: it should be verbal bullying, which means bullying that takes place through speaking, naming names, spreading rumors, threatening somebody, or mocking others area unit all varieties of verbal bullying, verbal bullying is one among the foremost common styles of bullying or narrative bullying: that's bullying. it's through with the intent to damage somebody's name or social standing which might even be related to physical and verbal bullying. Psychological bullying: it's a sort of bullying common among tykes, psychological bullying is often used as a tool by hackers to enhance their social rank and management of others, in contrast to apparent physical bullying, psychological bullying isn't naked and may last for an extended time while not you noticing. Cyberbullying: is that the use of technology to harass, threaten, embarrass, or target another person, and it's a criminal offense that may have legal consequences and needs a jail sentence, as well as e-mail, instant messages, social networking sites (such as Facebook), text messages and cell phones.

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