Depression and anxiety

Depression and Anxiety 


  “No one knows you have in depression state”

    (Koi nhi Janta ka tum depression mai ho)


We are in this world where no one knows you are in depression and not even try to know.

Because this is taboo in your world in your shoulder.

People look at you in different way like we aren’t belong to this world. We use to hear and say that depression is nothing, it’s a joke.

What you need to go to take doctor appointment and medicine. Nothing is depression people used to say in mimic way and doing mimicary in front of other people.

After that, we all are once again cage ourselves in rooms and lost.

Look at room ceiling and eyes in tears, in state we think no one is our friend and we are here to die and end our lives.

No, you are not meant to die just because no one understands you, no one supports you and your decisions, your family take you for granted.

You Standup for yourself, for your own life purposes and goals and create example for others that we are not different from others.

We need no one’s shoulder to cry and live for goals and purposes that you need to done in your lives. You need to do that change other people’s lives.

You want to cry, cry in your room and when you done, Smile in your face like nothing ever happened.

No need to take medicines, try new things like some write things that inspire other’s, cook for yourself and listen music and doing everything that you love to do.

Ok? You need no one to overcome your depression and anxiety.

Set goals, work on it and Tadaaa millionaire in your life for yourself.


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