Forgetting-Methods to improve memory

 Forgetting- Methods to improve memory.


Forgetting, what is forgetting? It refers to the loss of memory for a long period of time for example you have you car keys in your hand and are late for collage. You search the whole house but couldn’t find them, but you were carrying them around the whole time until someone told you to check your hands first. This occurs various times when someone forgets the name of someone, the place where you placed something or the age of you friend etc. Forgetting occurs to you mostly when you re lazy or not in good health like when you are sick because your mind is not working or functioning properly, because of your health.
You may be wondering that I have told you much about forgetting, but is there anything useful in this article which will help you overcome this disgraceful problem. Well, there sure is and is coming right up. Now a days people spend a lot, and I mean A LOT of time on their phones, which makes them lazy. Most of the mothers say to their kids, “Do some physical activity”, or “Go outside and play with your friends.” Most of the kids who think that their moms are not fair, but they are very right. This makes your mind too much lazy and your ability to memorize weakens because the harmful rays from your mobile damages you brain cells. The most important key point to defeat this problem is to get enough sleep. When you sleep well enough your mind will be fresh and you will be able to think more efficiently. Just like as physical activities help us to think well, staying mentally active helps us equally. We ca stay mentally active by testing our brain, IQ level and trick questions.
There are many more methods by which you can improve the way you think but these were the main ones. I hope you understood these points and would be able to go along with them.


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