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During this pandemic where we realized that we can work from home, we can learn from home we can order food online instead of dine-in. People now also realized that we can do home workouts to be in shape and live a healthy life style.

But it’s not as easy as working from home or taking an online class because from working remotely a person earn money and education is compulsory where a person never doubted to spend his money but when it comes for Home Workout like a pro you need some basic equipment and it is necessary to get the perfect shape you just needed a set of Dumbbells to achieve your fitness goals. Now the main hurdle is to purchase those expensive traditional dumbbells (made of iron, metal or steel) available in market. They are too costly to buy and a normal person never spend his money for those dumbbells to achieve his/her fitness goals.  

DJB Dumbbells took that innovative step to resolve that hurdle by making concrete dumbbells and barbells in cheapest rates ever.

We are making customized dumbbells for those who are afraid to spend a huge amount on the traditional equipment but now they can invest a cheap amount of money for their health and fitness goals

If you also desire for a good looking physique and can’t afford traditional dumbbells try DJB Dumbbells.


DJB Dumbells was very successful in the lockdown period of 2020 where Gym’s and Parks were closed and there is no where to do a healthy workout and as traditional equipment is so expensive DJB Dumbells sales goes up as the sky rocket.

Our society need this kind intiatives.



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