How Sports affect our lives

No doubt that sports takes much of our time and make our bodies feel tired espescially for those who just start practicing .

However you should know that sports is part of human identity through out the whole history.

Without sports legends will not born , and strong heros will not exist.


Sports stain our lives with special victory stain enhance our central nervous system and activating special areas in brain and elict some of special neurotransmitters which make you feel happy and got satisfaction about yourself

Sports is a very important and unique nutritant to our muscle. all our bodies needs sleep and food to be better except muscle which need effort and exercise in addtion to food to get stronger and grows much more.

This is mean indeed that to strength our heart you need training , like cardio and running . 


During running our heartbeats gets increased in order to deliver enough blood to our muscle which doing metabolism very quickly to gain ability of doing it's job, but the blood need's to be carried of enough oxygen thats explain the breathlessness we suffer from during running, 

so now we got 3 types of muscle working hardly during running :

1- The Muscles of lower limbs . 2- The heart.  3- Respiratory Muscles  

Those Special muscle are gaining power to protect you from any upcoming coronary heart disease or stroke or even pulmonary embolism and other many disease .

also sporting increase blood flow which mean it's indeed increase blood to your tummy and your kidney protecting them from constipation or urine retention respectively as well as guarding them from infection by delivering immune cells there , to protect your body from the danger of this pathogens


There is tons of benifits from sports however in some people with some diseases they better do sports under obervation and instructions from their doctor 

Finally I can say Sports make you healthy and happy so practice more to gain more 

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