How To Build a 120$ Gaming-Capable PC

Disclaimer: I won't be adding any Amazon links of the components as prices may vary based on each country. Nonetheless, said components can be easily found in refurbished / secon-hand market which are to be unraveled in the spec sheet further in the article.

Despite the global economic instability that many are facing nowadays, especially with the ongoing pandemic that's further crippled the economy, we, as passionate gamers, are often on the lookout to play the latest & greatest games without necessarily breaking the bank. That's why I've decided to compile a list of the utilized hardware components to build a decent gaming machine, which I'll get into right now:


CPU: i5 3470 @3.2GHz


RAM: 8GB DDR3 @1333 MHz


PSU: 300W

Stock Intel Cooler

Gigabyte GA-H61-S3 Motherboard


While the aforementioned specs aren't necessarily the best in class, they were however more than enough to run most demanding titles at 1080p & 900p resolutions respectively while maintaining graphical fidelity at medium-high presets. For instance, RE-Engine games like Devil May Cry 5 & Resident Evil 3 Remake ran at 1080p medium with an average of 53 fps (recorded using FRAPS) whereas Call of Duty Warzone ran at native resolution of 900p at medium-high with texture resolution of 1080p. This translates to somewhat crisp visuals with minor jagged edges due to the disabled Anti-aliasing, yet a respectable 68 fps was recorded during gameplay.

While that sounded dandy, the components were individually accrued from Amazon & hence took a tad bit of time to arrive. So, a used RX 560 (good condition) was found for 70$ (free shipping). The CPU costed approximately 29$ with the cooler. & Finally! The 1155-socket Gigabyte motherboard was 21$. Now hang on a sec! What about the RAM, HDD, & chassis ? Well, admittedly I had a spare 8GB DDR3 RAM stick lying around as well as a 3.5" hard drive that was collecting dust. So I've decided not to include them. You can always get 'em dirt cheap locally as DDR3 RAM is now considered an older model. The chassis was always a spare component thus was excluded from the equation as well.

Alas, I hope that this article has shed some light on the hardware you can afford & be able to game flawlessly.

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