How to keep your hair healthy

Healthy hair is a thing which everybody wants these days . To keep your hair healthy below are some tips that you should always do :

  1. Hot oil massage : Oiling your hair is must for your hair. As your body needs food to live and remain healthy , your hair also need some kind of nurition . And for this you should massage your hair with warm oil for atleast about 15 to 20 minutes and then wrap a hot towel on your hair so that the scalp can absorb the oil .
  2. Using hair masks : Hair masks are vital for your hair. You can use different types of hair masks as per your need. Like egg and yogurt mask , banana and honey mask , fullers earth and yogurt hair mask , yougurt and olive oil / castor oil etc.
  3. Say no to hot water hairwash : Washing your hair with hot water can cause a great damage to your hair. It can make your hair weak and that will lead to hairloss. Always use lukewarm or cold water to wash your hair .
  4. Always apply conditioner after shampoo :  Do not forget to condition your hair after shampooing it. Conditioners are very important for your hair . You can use conditioners as per your hair type or the ones that suits you. You can also use leave in conditioners.
  5. Let your hair air dry : After washing your hair let it air dry naturally . Use blow driers when its necessary. It won't damage your hair and your hair will remain healthy always .

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