How to live happily life

Eachone born in this life search for happiness, some thinks it is in money other it is in friendships , other in trips , extra

Well may be these things are source for buffness , for increasment of your happiness, but not the main cause.

The main cause of happiness always come from inside from feeling of satisfaction from stopping envying each other, from trying instead help each other.

There are studies which explains that giving to poor people give and grant happiness more than saving money

Saving people make you think that you deserve to simply to live

happy life

Maybe That explains why everychild in world dreams to be hero, we all dreamed to be a justice hero stand for poor and weak people but as we grow up we forget these priniciples , we forget the real cause of happiness 

Satisfaction of what in your hands  ,

And stop saying why other have or why i am in this situation, Because you would never be him.

happy life

You are here , you are yourself , so blur everyone's life and concentrate on how to prove yourself by steps you should decide to do. it is simple to say and write but very hard to apply.

Simply everyone like to have more that's the cause of envy. I can not blame you, But what victory would ou take from just blaming your luck in this future or dreaming to be born for rich family.

this will not make your dream true the only this which would do is KEEP MOVING FORWARD

KEEP MOVING FORWARD , The champion fight to beat not blaming his luck  

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