How to tackle inequality and prejudice in society


Inequality is a kind of injustice that is done everywhere either it is done in any country or tiny outskirts. Inequality means not to give a proper thing on justice or not divided things through equally. It is a thing in any society; if we do unequal to anyone it will make cause other problems or prejudices. Many prejudices rise from here like committing suicide, target killing, drug addictions. The main problem which is evil for anyone and can become a cause of life killing is fear and living in crises. It destroys the life of any innocent because he would have many dreams in his life to fulfill but due to inequality, it becomes hard to achieve any goal. 

Examples of this kind of inequality in society


“As long as poverty, injustice, and gross inequality persist in our world, none of us can truly

Rest”. Nelson Mandela


We can see a lot of scenes daily that many examples are being seen. Like Black lives matter, Muslims in India (inequality), Burmese people, Palestine. The above mentioned are the best examples of Inequality. It can be said that thousands of people being barbarized. Because of not having good governance, democracy leads to inequality and injustice. Due to this action, thousands of people are homeless, their women became prostitutes and some became patricide. I mean to say that people became patricide because the father cannot afford the expenses of their children and when he cannot afford it, they commit that kind of sin. 


Downsides of this inequality to our culture

Many examples are in our society like gender inequality, education of the poor, privatization for everything, and many more others. In our society, there is no freedom to drive alone in their car and she do it people criticize her and tries to prove her wrong. A woman cannot go outside for getting an education. If she goes out she would be fearful about what danger will from which side. In our society, it has become impossible to control these kinds of problems due to a lack of law of order situation. Education for the poor is worse because governments appoint teachers on money and they are illiterate to teach innocent kids. How a person can make future of any child who could make his future. Millions of teachers are present on that seats and ruining the future of the future. Due to a lack of good education, the rich prefer to give their children a good education. So, they admit their kids to private schools. Private schools have bombastic fees even any poor cannot afford it. So, their children of the poor become due to lack of education and the rich get an education. The poor can only earn for their family feed them hand to mouth and dies without achieving any goal in their lives. In our society and culture, a lot of stuff has been turning towards privatization and it only makes life harder for the poor of culture. I know people, who hang out every night with their friend, go for dinner or cruises, buys new clothes and shops every month but the poor are bereaved of getting a small piece of meal one night.


Why is it so important to fight against them?

It is very important to fight against inequality and discrimination in any culture or society. If this issue could be resolved many prejudices would automatically be solved. It is right for every individual to have a good education, respect, clean water, a friendly and equal environment, and two times meal. If this mentioned stuff anyone gets then everyone should see how slowly and gradually the environment and the society approach upwards. Women have respect it is our duty to do that because the creator has given him respect then who are we to not respect them. In the holy book of Muslims in Al Quran only one time Allah takes the name of any woman and she is Maryam the mother of Jesus Christ. So, it is our responsibility to respect every individual equally no matter what is our religion. If we do ‘’ Charity begin at home” it is possible to solve every problem of our society. Government should also work against this serious issue to tackle his problem. It should strengthen their law and order situation stable even no one dares to break it at any cost.




Hence, it can be said that inequality is the father of all evils, and if it could not be resolved. Any society cannot progress. Government has also many opportunities to fix this problem and people should also understand that respecting anyone is the best thing to win hearts. And equality is the root of green youth and prospers serenity. We are capable to see around the globe that where inequality is being done. It is so sorrowful that somewhere we also cause of those problems and we can be in that situation. So we should fix the problem of inequality.

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