In Islam Dowry is for Women, not for Men

Dowry is the gift from parents to her daughter who is going to be married. Parents give each and every needed thing to her daughter so that she can live easily and freely. Dowry is the sign of care and love by the parents. Some researchers research that Dowry is the tradition, which was begun by the Hindus more than hundred years ago. Parents needed to provide large amount of material to the groom, and in return he promised the security and happiness of the bride. Dowry create so many problems for the parents who can’t afford overflowed. As days passing by the demand for materials as dowry is increasing. Now girls are characterized by their richness. If they belong to a rich family, they can be accepted otherwise it is hard to get married. Parents need to borrow loans or other debts so that they can fulfill the demands of Groom’s family. The real meaning of Dowry is to provide needed things to your daughter if you can afford and give happily. If parents are not being able to purchase costly material for Dowry, they use to take debts which create so many problems. The demand for dowry is increasing as same as the rate of inflation. The parents-in-law becoming more demanding over bride’s family. They usually order for flat/banglow, car/bike, huge amount of gold and many more things. If parents don’t want to give this heavy material, they can’t marry their daughter. There are more than thousands of homes which are facing this issue and they get depressed or die. In Islam Dowry is Prohibited. The Prophet Muhammad PBUH said the greatest dowry is the calmest to fulfill. Give your daughter that much you can afford for. Give them needed material so that they can live easily and proudly. 

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