Live forever

Everyone hate death, fearing the state of death , well you are right, i am afraid of dieing , because no one ever seen what happen after death , This topic will not speak about what happened after, it will speaks about a way that you can perisist in this world even if your phisical body has been gone


From begining of world , human try hardly to live for infenity, this is a major cause of having children takes your name so the be extension of you as a new version or like you have been reborn in them 

But having children will not make your grand sons remember who you are. the world continues development and the only way to perisist in here without your physical body is to be perisisted by something you made or by some inventation

Thats still hard to be remembered but that the only way . you have to make something unique , something affect and attract the whole mankind in your age to include your work in history

In here, we all love thing and people who look cute and adorable, but truth is the only remaining thing is what you do 


All people increase in age, previously pretty girl is now trying hardly to hide her uglness , good voice singer is trying hardly to speak , thats the secret of life : we all are going to die 

So the only thing which you can record is something special, thats the only way to perserve your name and your existance not only for one or two generations , no it is saved as long as there is people living.

Try hard to live forever because only few, just few people who successed to live forever and

being a part of world development 

You are more than a name on a grave

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