Mysterious plane

Here is the story of missing plane from 1977 and landed after 37 years.

It is about one such mystery that left everyone confused and stunned and struggling with the answer. It was a flight that took off from New York city on July 2nd 1955. It was headed to Miami and carried 57 passengers and 6 crew members. Flight was proceeding normally but after a while something happens to plane that changed the life of everyone in the plane. Control room lost the contact with plane and plane disappeared from the radar without any communication. It was insane for anyone to admit that aircraft had disappeared into thin air. They supposed that something happened to plane and plane had collapsed due to technical issues.

Authorities were failed despite of many attempts nothing could be found. No wreckage and no bodies were found in located areas. After thorough investigation authorities concluded that plane was lost in sea.

Out of sympathy families of the lost passengers were compensated by airline. But after 37 years everything changed because a mysterious aircraft suddenly started showing up on radar at Caracas Venezuela. Control room contacted the pilot and received contact signal from mystery plane. Pilot was saying desperately “where are we? “

He communicated with control room and said we are PAN AM Aircraft with 57 passengers and 6 crew members. This conversation stunned the controllers and to get some control over the situation controller started to ask questions from pilot and asked if pilot had experienced something unexpected during their flight. Pilot replied “we were scheduled to land in Miami on July 2nd 1955 A. M. And something was wrong in the view in front of me. Then controller calmly broke the news to the pilot “This is Caracas Airport and the date is May 21 1992. Pilot took it some kind of joke but then began to breath rapidly. Controller told him to calm down and prepare for the landing. Airway was evacuated and security guards were there to pamper the distraught passengers. Pilot then landed the plane and said no! don’t come near we are heading towards the Miami and turned the plane to the nearest runway. Crew could not believe what they saw they saw the faces of passengers pressed against the windows. Then they landed in Miami. Authorities were notified but most astonishing thing was that none of the passengers had aged even a day in these 37 years. Since then, it has became a hot topic for the scientists but there was no plausible answer to this mystery.

Still there are theories that states that time travelling exist and plane might have passed through the warm hole


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