Mysterious stone

Mysterious stone

This world is full of unsolved mysteries but some mysteries can be solved with wisdom. One day Qiqi was crossing the road with his mother and a car out of nowhere appeared and hit his mother. His mother died on the spot. While dying his mother told him never go back to our village even it is something related to your mother. And never contact your uncle.

Qiqi was not in his senses and completely went insane after hearing these things from his mother. He never thought it would be his last day with his mother. He was crying helplessly now no one was there to support him and console him. His father was not living with him and left his mother after Qiqi’s birth and he never came to met him.

So, he heated his father but always waited for him. He was expecting that his father would come on this day to say goodbye to his mother. But his father was not there to console him. He handled all this situation by himself. He crying desperately, on the street. He suddenly noticed; people were behaving weird after watching news on plasma screen of the building in front of him. It was news of his mother’s death but there was no car that hit his mother. On screen it was a black dark cloud appear and left when his mother died.

This news left him surprised because he himself saw a car hitting his mother. Now, he understood that it is something related to his village and he was wondering. Why car was not spotted in cameras? Everyone was saying that women was cursed by a ghost and was killed by the ghost.

He then remembered that on every full moon night. His mother always sent him to aunt lisa’s house. He always felt it strange but never asked from his mom . What was this all about. Then he remembered, there was a vase in their house that, his mother never let him touch and he was always curious about that. Because whenever he tried to open it. His mother told him that you can open after my death. So, he never touched it.

What is in the vase………….



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