Mysterious tree

Mysterious tree

Loneliness can only be masked by love, attention and passion. Supernatural powers are always around you to accompany you or to haunt you.

This is a story of girl who was love deprived though she was brought up by a wealthy family but she always was deprived of love and attention. Her name was Umna. Today, she with her family was shifting to a new place. House was exquisite and there was a tree in the middle of house that was fascinating. When Umna’s parent left for work. She always sat near to that tree because that tree had a captivating power. So, after shifting in this house Umna’s behavior has started to change tremendously. But, her parents was busy in doing business so they never noticed her behavior changes.

Suddenly, she started taking to someone whenever she sat under the tree. When she looked at tree she always smiled. Now, the situation has been changed she was not even willing to leave the tree at night. Maid informed her parents about her weird behavior. They then started to pay attention to their daughter but it was too late. Whenever they try to make her leave the tree she started crying loudly even neighbors can hear her crying but something was strange. Whenever she cried with in the house it seems there was one person who is crying but, neighbors noticed that there was another person who also cried whenever Umna cried. Then mysterious things started to happen “there was always stains of blood on Umna’s clothes whatever she wears”. She soon started doing weird things with maid like staring at her strangely. One day Umna cut her wrist and pour her blood on maid’s clothes. Maid was terrified so she quit the job and soon a news spread that their house was haunted and children that use to live there was cursed so this is what happens to Umna. Then her parents tried to hire a shaman to kill the ghost. When shaman entered the house. Whole house started shivering like a massive earthquake. Shaman can see the ghosts when, she talked to the ghost. Ghost stated that this girl is lonely like me all she need is attention and love. So, I love her and she loves me. We want to live together that Maid was always troublesome. So, we joined our forces and kicked her out of the house. No one is allowed to boss around Umna. Shaman tried to convince the ghost to leave the house as well as Umna’s body. But he said asked from umna if, she allows me I would leave her immediately. Umna said no she loves him and won’t leave him. But then ghost started disappearing. Shaman was surprised what was happening because, it was her first case to saw a ghost and human loving each other. Shaman noticed something was strange. She thought, she saw that boy somewhere and why he had started disappearing suddenly? Shaman said he is not ghost! He is a wondering spirit and he is a human. She said, this boy was in coma. I saw him today at hospital and he has been in coma in the past 6 years. I don’t know exactly but it was because, he fell down from a tree and he had suffered a head injury. Then Umna desperately said “I want to go to hospital”.

They left for the hospital immediately, after reaching there Umna tried to talk to Arham (ghost). And Arham said he remembered every moment spent with her. Arham’s mom then told them that, they use to live in live in that house where Umna was living currently. But then, Arham one day fell down from the tree and end up in ICU. After that they sold the house and because Arham’s spirit was living on the tree. So, all the families who bought the house end up selling it.

So, then Arham and Ushna decided to marry and their parents gave them their blessings.


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