New Day is New Life

Every day is new life, new trial , so stop being stucked in old one , you just have few tries , and one day you will Run out of trials And this Will just Appear in front of Your Eyes 
Game Over

Yes As you See , one day your eye will stop seeing anything But darkness , Without even Gameover on it !

You will Recognize That Your serial of lives has been ended !

No other new Trials, Not Even a One!

Everyday with every sunrise The birds resing as it didn't sing yesterday 

Everyday Sunflower Get happely Reopen on sunshine, Forgetting yeserday Sadness

Then Why You can not !

You got haters , Guess What i also got , Your neighbor got , also birds got , Lions Got 

but They all get happy for new day , They all seeking for better new start

Saddness you feel is created not to distruct you But to increase your experience and Your awareness So that You Can easier be happy .

Knowing How to avoid getting sad is a pathway for better life Dont you Think !

New Life

Everyday you in morning you have to make a choice : either Stucking in already dead life or Starting new life .

Stucking in your all life make you as same as zombie Make youu THE WALKING DEAD !  So your living as people see but you are dead! , and keep throwing your lives in a river !

people never turn thier face to A weak man ! you won againist billion of sperms during intra utrine life , 

you beat them by your own 

Everyone here is a hero , and you 


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Jakaria islam - Feb 3, 2021, 2:38 PM - Add Reply

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