NuviaGo protein bar: for every active person! Reviews and opinions

NuviaGo is a protein bar designed for physically active people who want to maintain a balanced figure and nourish the body. These types of products are increasingly popular because they can replace any meal. This is important for people who want to eat healthily but don't always have the conditions to do so. In the following review, we explain why NuviaGo is worth choosing and what nutrients this product contains.

What is NuviaGo?

It is a nutritious protein bar, which, thanks to its nutrients and a high dose of protein, can be a snack or even replace a typical meal. Of course, a protein bar-only diet is not recommended, but if you don't have time for breakfast or want to have a quick meal after your workout, then NuviaGo will be a great choice.


NuviaGo is a protein bar that is sold in sets of 12 bars. Each bar is the combination of the taste of cocoa biscuits with the cream of the cream, loved all over the world.

NuviaGo Protein Bars are an alternative to breakfast, pre-workout or post-workout meals. They are recommended for people on a diet and who take care of their figure. Thanks to its high protein content (20 g) and fiber this product blocks the appetite, providing a small caloric intake: only 173 kcal!

NuviaGo has a sweet taste, although only the sugar naturally contained in their ingredients is used in the production of these bars. The product does not contain refined white sugar, which is not good for health or for the figure.


The product is recommended by the well-known personal trainer Easton Elliott. His views on these protein bars can be found on

Nutritional values ​​of NuviaGo bars


NuviaGo protein bars are a source of macronutrients such as proteins and carbohydrates, the consumption of which is recommended in a balanced diet. In addition, the product contains fiber, which has a beneficial effect on the digestive processes of the organism. Consuming NuviaGo bars helps avoid nutritional deficiencies, which are often the result of restrictive or unbalanced diets.


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