Our Weakness is Our point of strength

Everybody feels bad of his/her weakness and everyone trying hardly to hide it! everyone feel embaressed of it . Everyone want to show only perfection , even if you have to cheat others by pretended traits.


However your true happiness will start when you feel grateful and proud of your weakness points as your proudness of your points of strength 

Meeting people with your weakness makes people easily trust you and easily open your heart for you ! 

Being yourself make it easy to find your partner in life and to find your way for perfection .

we made to have good trait and bad traits , you are mix of them , hiding one of them just mean killing somepart of you and create new pathway for being sad.

The first step of happiness is to accept yourself and to feel grateful to all your traits


Your weakness that looks bad for you , may is your strength point in other people opinions . 

People are not same . thats why you have some weakness , is because someone will like it even before he or she like your strength points .

Admitting of your weakness make it easily for you to try hardly to turn it to a strength point and living some kind of adventure and creating a new pathway for happiness and feeling of proud 

You have been born with halfly filled cup of water , why you stop filling your cup by new good traits and draw a map for yoursef and gain happiness and proudness with all steps you do


Your weakness is a gift to live happily life

if You lived learning how to make your weakness a strength point of You 

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