Self care products to work from home

Working at home is a new opportunity these days. Since at home we usually use a laptop, cell phones, tablets and various gadgets to work online from home. After working the whole day our body gets tired and we feel stressed. So to get rid of this problem and take care of yourself, these products will help you out with your self-care. As health is wealth. 


  1. Computer blue light blocking glasses:


We have noticed that when we continue using a computer, we have a headache and eye strain and also the problem of sleeping. So to stop this headache and eye strain problem special computer glasses are necessary. The use of phones, tablets and computers produces blue light which indirectly affects our eyes. 


One of the bestsellers is the Unisex FEIYOLD Blue Light Blocking Glasses that are comfortable, unimportant with a trendy pattern and comes in a quantity of 2.


  1. Computer screen USB Lamp


Working at home during the night, it's difficult to attend zoom meetings due to dimmed light in our room or weak light which falls on our laptop. 


One of the greatest and neatest is this computer monitor LED light that connects through USB and has 3 set alight modes creating outstanding elucidation of your ivories and operational reception desk field for note-taking.


  1. Eye Massager


Due to excess use of the computer screen and using the phone screen our eyes get tired and weak so to relax you must use an eye massager.

It will relax our eyes.


This eye therapy machine, not simply trees your eyes concern refreshed using an assortment of knead modes but and allows you to hook up through wifi to your playlist to games relaxing credentials music. It’s amenable for a comfortable spasm and portable which is perfect for long-distance travel.


  1. Neck and back massager


If you boast the corrupt problem of hunching around your reception desk once functioning at motherland at that moment you’ve almost certainly practised stiff shoulders and back pain. One of the superlative self-care possessions you be able to resolve by hand after a remorseless time opus is to bear a super relaxing massage. 


No prerequisite for a masseuse, you can get neck stiffness and calm sensitive sponsor and shoulders promoting nice blood flow with the portable Shiatsu massager. It comes with an opportune leather involved folder and uses in all areas of the body.


  1. Air purifier


In the cold season, when our home is closed to purify the environment we need some product to purify the air from harmful substances present in the air. 


An air purifier is used to purify your home. You can place it anywhere in your home and start purifying the air. You can order this product according to your home size. It's available in two sizes. 


  1. Compression Socks


Wearing compression socks during the day time can benefit to alleviate a few of the side properties of sustained hours of meeting or standing.

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