Self help and Motivation

Self help and Motivation


“God help those people who help Themselves”

(Allah un ki Madad krta hai jo apni Madad ap krtey hai.)


Self help is like self love. We are in this world that we used to people sugarcoated words for our wounds and in time we like these words are everything for us and the person also, But we didn’t know may be the person intent aren’t pure for us. They just for our sake, pretend they are so helpful for us but they didn’t. So, Not everyone is your friend or well-wisher. Try not to told everything to everyone just for sake that we need advice or help or just sugarcoated words.


That’s the Selfhelp that we didn’t need people for our problems, we stood by ourselves and solve the suitation. We need to understand how to motivate ourselves when we need other people. So, don’t fall for just words.


In Corona Time, we need more time for self help and motivate ourselves. Not everytime everybody there for you.


Do some Exercise and Take good food for your body and brain. Motivate yourself that you do.

Try not to take people advices everytime.

Take breath and leave behind things.

Whatever happen, happens no reason. Let's walk by flow and Thank God for everything.

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