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simple might be the way most people want to describe their lives. However, a judgemental eye would name it boring. Plain,  flat and uninviting is what is lived up by man.

A good day for them means to wake up, work and go back home to rest. The same schedule rins from January to December, year in, year out. Each and every minute of their lives has the same routine that their grandparents learned from their grandparents.

Less striking is the same norms, still unquestioned being passed down from one generation to the next. Despite being a group of wrongly aranged words, people believe that the old is wise. 

Not to question the norma and traditions of the parents is my aim, but to bring a rethought on our lives. New ways bring new experiences that might be a better change. To accept transformations is to accept growth which can be equated with wisdom.

Instead of following the well outlined script, try out new alternatives. Allow your head to think. Give reason to each and every word out there. Question with due respect. In simple words, address with great caution.

Love the old ways but be open enough to new things. Conserve the customs without letting opportunities to grow to pass you. Accept to make mistakes as you taste the waters in all its ways. Smile at life and make it fun to live. Travel around and learn what there in this world. Accept great things as that is where heroism is nurtured.

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Doreen Bii - Apr 19, 2021, 7:56 PM - Add Reply


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