THE BETRAYAL

    The kenyan president dumps his deputy,who he has worked closer with,after 7 years.Mr Uhuru Kenyatta,the President,says that his deputy who has been his close ally has been  the one pulling him back in the effort towards delivering quality services to the citizen.

    This comes few days just after the country´s celebrated republic day that was held in the lakeside city,KISUMU,where Mr. Ruto who has been deputizing the president failed to earlier acompany Uhuru to the city.

     The two had not been into good terms since the day that the country`s opposition leader,Mr. Odinga began to loosen his belt and joined hands with the working government,this ha made the deputy president to devide and gain his own team different from the ones supporting the oresident.

     Inside sources claims that Mr. William Ruto might resign before the end of their term so as to create room for the formation of his new political party,that aims to support him in his 2022 statehouse journey,they somehow claim that Mr. Ruto aims at reviving his last political party to act as his vessell to statehouse the following year.

      It is said that this kind if betrayal might call for a coup before the next general election since the two involved are both in power and powerful than before.This goes on as religious leaders call for peace in the nation,a nation that had suffered a lot from post election violence.

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