It was an American thoroughbred horse that in 1973 became the ninth champion of the United States Triple Crown, after 25 years without anyone succeeding, and set new records in all three events in the series: the Kentucky Derby (1:59 2/5), the Preakness Stakes (1:53) and the Belmont Stakes (2:24). The records are still in force today.

*Date of birth: march 30, 1970, United States

*Date of death: Octuber 4, 1989

He was born in the Meadow Farm stables, in Virginia, which were owned by Penny Tweedy, his parents were the horse Bold Ruller and the mare Somethingroyal, his trainer was Lucien Laurin, his rider Ron Turcotte and his trainer Eddie Sweat. July 1972, at the Aqueduct Racecourse, where he finished fourth. He continued running until completing 7 victories in 9 races in 1972, which meant being named "Horse of the Year".

In 1973, he ran three races prior to starting the Triple Crown, won at the Bay Shore and at the Gotham Stakes, and reached third place at the Wood Memorial Stakes.

After Belmont, Secretariat ran in nine more races, winning six of the tests. At the end of 1973, he was retired to become a stud, of which 57 winning horses were sired. He was euthanized on October 4, 1989, due to laminitis, and was buried at Claiborne Farm in Paris, Kentucky. According to the doctor who performed the autopsy, Secretariat's heart was twice the size of a horse of his type, which made him a special and unique specimen that won 16 of the 21 races he ran and led him to be voted number 35 of the best American athletes of the century, being the first of the three "non-human" of the list (the other two are also racehorses: Man o 'War at position 84 and Citation at position 97).







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