The gold in the world can be reduced this week.

Last weekend, the world's gold delivers at one.733 USD one ounce. In Asia this morning, the 4-USD discount on 1.729 USD.

In Kitco's survey with analysts, the bank leader and investors, this market is maintained with the important support of one at 1-00-70-70, but it's gonna be difficult to crack at a 750.

Among the participants of survey, 44%expect this week to rise, 50%at a discount price. Only 6%think the price will cross.

Lukman Otunuga - the analyst in FXTM is also one of the fellow who predicted this week goes down: "Progressed on the U.S. vaccine increases a faster economic recovery economy. This will bring down to the US diversity. If we close our trading week below 1.730 USD, the price will be almost certain towards 1.700-00-00-00-00-0-or-lower, the interpreter.

Though it's a little more rationalized, a lot of analyst thinks the current situation might be an opportunity to buy in the long term. "I think the price could go down 700. But then, the investor's gonna jump into the market, Phillip Streible-- the market strategic at Blue Line Futures realized, "The bonds can't go up forever, once this treasury is upside down, the yellow market market market market will be good.

Charlie Nedoss-- the market strategist of the market at LaSalle Futures will still be optimistic about gold, as long as the precious metal remains on a day-day slide, at 1 725 D. If you hold this marker, I think the price can still be up on one 750 USD, you say. Nedoss thinks there's a lot of signals that indicate U.S. and the U.S. vets have reached the top of a short term.S. vets.




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