The first part of my history begins in the city of puebla in the year of 1986, I was 17 years old, it was the year of the world cup soccer mexico 86. I knew that the italian selection had its camp of training was close to the cuauhtemoc stadium, so one day I went to see them, there were many people, journalists, amateurs. But the players were inside an area to which we did not have access.

But if we saw them away, when their training ended, only one player approached the area where we were and started to converse with italian fans in their language, but while the people requested him autographs, I also do it.

The true I didn't know and when he went I asked a person who he was? And written me on the role I was carrying, walter zenga is player of inter milan.

When you arrive at my home, investigate who he was and I knew that he was the third goalkeeper in italy in the world cup in mexico 86.

Time later in the world cup in italy 90 I was the first goalkeeper so I thought that autograph that I have is worth more.

The time passed and years later I went to live in cancun mexico, and I was working in a hotel, in 2008 I was a bell boy in a hotel in the riviera maya, and some day I was working with a friend called tomas, who he likes soccer like me, and normally then in a hotel the check out time is noon, but they passed us information that there was a room that would check out at 3 pm. It was something that called my attention. Then I focused on the list of guests the name of this person.

And the surprise was very great to read the name of zenga walter and I said to my partner, this guest has the same name of a football player and he said to me is the same person.

My friend tomas and I went at 3 pm to collect his luggage and of course my friend said: lord zenga, can you give me your autograph?

He said of course, and then I said: to me also and he did and I said thank you lord is the second autograph that I have of you.

And he asked me: when was the first?

In the city of puebla in 1986 and he was surprised.

That's the story I wanted to tell so they see that the world is small.

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