Time never comes back

                    TIME NEVER COMES BACK

               Time is a very important factor of life. If we waste time, the damage can be done not only to us but also to our relations and future generations.

               Let me tell you a story that you will not waste your time after reading to it.

                          Once a man who was very rich. He worked hard in his business.He also cared about time. But at the same time,his son is very lazy and does not care about time. After the death of his father,when he takes over his father's business, he does not take it punctually.As a result,his father's business began to decline.Due to misuse of time, it hurts the business and he lost a big amount of money as well and his family also faced troubles due to this.One day when he gets married, his family grows even more and he needed even more money than before. But his business seeems to be coming to an end and by the time he realizes it, it's too late and his business comletely finishes. This anxiety bothers him very much and he can not control all this anxiety and dies.His family has to bear the loss due to his invaluation of time.


     Take advantage of the time until it's too late.

             If we waste time,we realize the value later.So use the time on time so that you do not regret later because there are so many things that can only be done at a ceratin time.

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