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There are numerous animations or we can say cartoons or anime produced and released all over the world every year. Here, anime, which is the Japanese term originating in Japan and especially means the animations made in Japan.

so guys i wanna know what kind of article you wanna read please like this article if you want the part 2 of how to watch anime .

So without wasting  anymore time lets get this party started baby.

here comes the latest list which i watched in my childhoood actually you can say that in india there is a channel or it was a good channel named animax all the best anime were telecasted i was so pumped at that time but the only reason i am not able to enjoy it to the fullest as i was a child i was not able to understand fully as they were english subs and dubbed after 2 year all latest anime were removed .I dont know the whole reason yet .But now i learn to enjoy them to the fullest as i am now used to the english language 

NO.1 -       DRAGON BALL 

NO.2                    ONE PIECE 

 NO.3                 NARUTO 

 NO.4                  MY HERO ACADEMIA 

NO.5                   ONE PUNCH MAN

 NO.6                  ATTACK ON TITAN

 NO.7                  BLEACH

  NO.8                 DRAGON BALL Z

  NO.9                HUNTERX HUNTER

 NO.10                  SCHOOL RUMBLE

NO.11                  INAZUMA ELEVEN

NO.12                 beyblade metal fusion

NO.13               BEN 10 ALIEN FORCE

so guys sorry i went a little overboard you see i am so into it and i hope you guys will love it too .

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