What business is less effective

1, business average scenery

The scenery radiating the aroma is being given a lot of people preferred because it is possible to display beautifully in the room, the room and the sweet aroma will give a feeling of relaxation every time he wake up or go to the daily office . Especially in big cities in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City due to advanced spiritual life, people like natural aroma from small scenes but radiate a very special fragrance.

Some bonsai bonsai with blushing flowers such as lavender, vanni elephant flower pots, landscape pots, soil, Salvia trees, ... You can collect more small trees that radiate a gentle aroma to have Goods provided, should own at least 50 different scene pots.

The scenoscore pot is a green, natural product suitable for the theme to protect the beautiful green environment in modern society, so that you will not have to worry about the future development of this profession, complete All investment can be assured and expanded its operations.

Starting a business with little capital by selling a small penalty will need a good area (about 20m2), if you do not have display and care soil can hire a suburban land area, do not put The garden is too far from the city center, because the volume of your customers will decrease, the shipping work also takes longer.

2, small business with little capital with door leasing service

When the most advanced human life level is in major cities, the demand for use of services right at its home is higher. And rental service to the door, at home a product is no exception in that trend. Get examples like 2 products you can rent like books and CDs, if you rent a price of 1 CD every day is 10,000 VND, at least every customer will rent 5-10 CDs and so you have 100,000 VND / 1 customer, and of course you have about 5-10 customers every day, not to mention the rental book-story, ...

With this business idea you can completely develop online business online, and this will also be your main market. Due to the characteristics of the industry, customers will only order online, so you need to be permanently online, your online sales system to answer and receive guest order information. Of course, it should also open a small store so that traditional guests can still visit the store, and you don't lose a significant revenue from traditional goods.

Product rental services for about 5 years ago Nothing had nothing to interest people, but from 1-2 years to recently consumers with beds as lazy, and so they want to use the types of translations Service of teeth, at home, take the door. This is Hung Thinh time for you to develop this effective small business model.

3, small business start with products for "lazy" people

People are increasingly lazy, and they use very passive products in the way of thinking "water to new jump", and a low-capital business secret that arises from here, is sure that in this form you will Completely successfully selected a suitable store location. Imagine if on the sea of ​​your store has the words "products for lazy people", what will future customers think? Everyone's curiosity will help new stores become famous throughout the region, in a way that doesn't costly?

The products you should sell with your store are the type of goods for fat people, who want to lose weight, because these people are very lazy to go shopping, and a store displays all the things they need with Affordable prices will make the store store continuously enter new to meet the underflow needs of each fat guest. Specifically, some products such as food for fat people, slimming products, gaming machines, lifting tools, dance wires for fat people.

Selling products for lazy people, fat people are managating on the market today, if you take advantage of this opportunity and choose a location where the store will definitely win. This is also a less capital entry to a less capital, you will take about 10-15 million to rent a booth in the city center, investing about 20-50 million money and your effort.

4, small business way with Ky Thach stone products, feng shui stone

Status of jelly or feng shui stone is a natural stone that has a long lifetime in the environment in extremely harsh natural environments to create stones with exceptionally strange shape, diverse colors.

Ky Ky Ky synonym stones are selling spiritual cultural values, and this is the type of product with the highest self-made valuable when compared to commonly used ordinary goods. A small stone with only 3 fingers but worth up to 10 million VND, another large stone with a chum worth 1 million VND is also understandable when the spirit-feng shui value in itself The stone is not high.

Starting a business with Ky Thach's stone will have to pay attention and learn a lot about feng shui knowledge, this is not simply the fact that you sell normal goods, what you will sell to the customer is the trust of God The mysterious elements of each Ky Thach Stone.

In order to be able to sell staggered stones you need to open a store display store, a store containing inventory. The store should be placed at a high level of intellectual qualifications, these people are newly knowledgeable and have a quiet, so beautiful.


What business share with little capital is also long, I would like to stop here, see you in new business ideas!

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