What to do if you have shortness of breath at this time

Upcoming spring in nature. The time of the nationwide Corona epidemic was a winter of terror over him. The coming spring time especially those who have breathing problems have to be very careful. Experts say that even if spring comes in nature, those who have this problem cannot give much good news. Because the flowers are full on all four sides but as a result of the pollen of that flower they have difficulty in breathing at this time.


Experts say that in spring, as there is more dust in nature, inflammation of the airways and bronchial tubes increases and it becomes difficult to breathe properly. Those who suffer from this problem.


Here are some home remedies to reduce shortness of breath:


Ginger reduces inflammation of the airways and keeps oxygen intake normal. Ginger tea or ginger juice and honey can be eaten mixed.

Heat the mustard oil lightly and massage it well on the chest, back and neck to reduce shortness of breath.

Dust-dirt but your problem gets worse. For this, keep everything at home and office desk clean. If there is carpet in the house, remove it today.

It is better not to allow pets to enter the bedroom in any way.

Stop smoking, try to stay away from smoking friends.

Steam with a little salt or menthol in hot water before going to bed and after waking up. The trachea will remain completely clean

Do regular breathing exercises.

Be sure to use a mask when going out to avoid dust and corona.


Even then, if you have difficulty breathing, do not neglect. If necessary, use the nebulizer with the advice of a doctor.

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