Why Covid is Fatal

We all know That Covid causes flu , it supposed just to cause minimal symptoms after which we can heal from


unfortunately covid 19 not just casuses a flu , well actually most of patients does have only flu bt most of them suffer from what known as post covid syndrome which charactrized by vague symptoms vary from one to other including hypertension , and attack of loss taste and smell and others suffer from infertilaty , like that covid virus when affect a patient it has to leave a mark on him either phisicaly or psychologicaly or on his job or money , extra 

but maybe the most unlucky patient those who had to lost their lives facing this virulent virus .

usually those who die from virus are those who old or immunocompromised patients like diabetic patient or those having renal failure or liver cirrhosis , patient like this usually not survive the severe attack of virus 


But surprizely covid also affect youth strongly and causes severe respiratory problem lead to Adult respiratory distress syndrome and respiratory failure , and finally death


as CDC and WHO who explained that virus causes a severe inflamattory reaction which harm our lung and progressive respirator failure occur .

also because the covid 19 virus increase the coagulation power of our body this will lead to fatal thrombosis through our body and ischemic injury occur which usually fatal lead to pulmonary embolism which is fatal because of Disseminated intravascular coagulopathy more damage of lung tissue 

That why covid 19 is Fatal , and That why you should always wear mask and follow who instructions

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