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“We are Best-friends,till death no one do us apart”


“Women is the biggest enemy for other women”


In this world, two girls or women’s are biggest supporters for each other or biggest enemies for each other. We defend a lot other girls and also at a time backbiting a lot.

We are girls like at a time, die for friendship.

So many promises, vows, gifts, moments for life gave each other on the name of friendship.

But why we backbiting about same women to other women’s and let down in front of other women’s just to feel happy inside ourselves.

Not your are doing wrong, you aren’t do just to make yourself happy, you are doing in jealous, insecure feel that how she’s so pretty, so successful in her career, everyone cheering with her and praised her, why I’m not in her place, why I’m not her.

Listen you are you and she is she, you Don’t take her place and she don’t take your place wherever you go. 

Don’t fight with women over boys, never ever.

Don’t backbiting about her with other women, you let down yourself doing this.

Don’t get jealous.

You just realise other women pain when you are own her place, the same thing happened to you.

Why we so surprised when one women support other women’s because this is rare.

Just be yourself and let her be. Support each other with big heart and smiles. 

Don’t make rare in Women’s society no more.

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